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IMS releases to the greek market IMS_fs (Factoring Solution) by performing the first installation in 1999 and today holds the largest share of the domestic market in Integrated Informational Factoring Systems. The continuous evolution of IMS_fs provides our clients innovative and novel solutions increasing their efficiency and competitiveness. The development team, consisting of financial consultants, system analysts and programmers studies the evolution of the ever growing international market of factoring and responds directly to the needs of our clients with new products and services.

IMS Factoring Suite is designed to overlap the needs of factoring companies, operating either as a bank subdivision or a subsidiary SA. Companies already using IMS_fs directly follow the market trends and can either be integrated with the bank or be cut off from the banking network with minimal configuration of their systems.

IMS offers software that allows you to get smarter business decisions. In a quick and easy way you can have the information necessary to predict the demand for your products to optimize your pricing policy, to analyze the conditions of its operation, to measure the performance of your promotional actions ...

The BI system of IMS is addressed to all businesses. It will help you learn more about your business and will provide you with information necessary to make critical decisions. At the same time, it allows you to create statistical analyzes, reports and graphs. The BI system of IMS can connect with other applications and derive the necessary information.
  Factoring Software Application that covers all the functional needs of a factoring company. It consists of the management of finance, credit risk, collections and monitoring loan accounts.  
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  Factoring Web Application Web application, which publishes all the necessary information online 24/7 at minimal operating cost. It enables the clients of a factoring company to get informed about their economic situation and to insert invoices and collections at IMS_fs.  
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